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"We required a modern ERP system for the capturing and distribution of new orders. It also had to include an offline mobile and cloud application element. Sage ERP X3 met those requirements and further provided us with the data integrity that we needed, budget management, stock control, fixed asset management and the provision of solid management reporting."
Wholesale Distribution ERP

Wholesale Distribution ERP

Today’s distributor is faced with increasing global competition, logistics requirements for international suppliers and customers, and pressure to keep prices down while providing higher levels of service and faster order fulfillment. Online ecommerce shopping carts allow distributors to sell directly to consumers, and provide real-time access and self-service for B2B customers.
Sage ERP X3 is our top choice for wholesale distributors because it provides everything they need in a single solution to help them manage perishable inventory, sophisticated picking and put-away strategies, ever-evolving standards for electronic data interchange (EDI), and so much more. Read the Sage ERP X3 for Distribution brochure for more information. Smaller distributors looking for the next-step-up from
QuickBooks will be very satisfied with Sage 100 ERP, with many features found only in more expensive ERP systems but at a fraction of the price. Another popular option for distributors is Sage 500 ERP powered by a best-in-class inventory replenishment system. To understand the benefits of a strong distribution ERP solution, read our white paper "Solving the Top 7 Distribution Challenges with ERP".
ERP for Wholesale Distribution Sage 500 ERP for Wholesale Distribution Sage ERP X3 for Wholesale Distribution Sage 100 ERP for Wholesale Distribution
Our distribution ERP solutions, such as Sage X3, include additional features such as catalog sales, bar coding and RFID, sales forecasting, credit card and point of sale solutions, service management, strong sales commission tracking, flexible RMA capabilities, and distribution requirements planning (DRP) for procure planning across simple or complex hub-and-spoke distribution supply chains. To learn more about Sage X3, explore the Sage X3 Virtual Product Tour.

CRM for Wholesale Distribution

All of the distribution ERP systems we represent include either embedded or integrated CRM. We also provide SugarCRM and Sage CRM which can be used stand-alone or integrated to these (and other) distribution ERP accounting systems. CRM is a vital tool, adaptable for managing all aspects of your prospect and customer relationships – including not only marketing and sales but also service, projects, contracts, supplier relationships, and much more.
CRM for Wholesale Distribution SugarCRM for Wholesale Distribution Sage CRM for Wholesale Distribution
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