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You have a lot of information in your business systems. Most of the time that information can only be shared within your own four walls, and sometimes it’s hard to even do that much.
e2b specializes in development of Microsoft SharePoint for customized customer portals, custom vendor portals, and custom employee intranets. Most custom portals are developed in Microsoft SharePoint because it provides the framework for managing documents, online content, user profiles, and security. It also offers revision tracking and built-in search capabilities.
e2b can extend your custom web portal to provide customers, vendors, and employees with information from other backoffice databases and business applications. Here are just a few examples of how we can help your company:

Share Management Reports

  • Publish internal sales and finance reports to secured, employee intranets.
  • Control access to reports by user or to a group of users.

Customer Account Details

  • Provide online access to customers for invoice and payment details.
  • Allow customers to manage account and contact information from your website.

Supplier Information

  • Display stock status to vendors for the products they supply to your company.
  • Collaborate on research and development or special contracts with suppliers.

Broker & Dealer Collaboration

  • Provide distributors, brokers, or resellers with access to order information or account detail for prospective or shared customer accounts.
  • Manage sales opportunities by providing your dealers or distributors with a secured portal to register leads and to update your CRM system with prospect information.
Your web portal is a vital tool supporting your customer service, marketing, sales, and supply chain management goals and objectives.
Our extensive ERP background ensures that your web portal and your back office ERP accounting software is connected, so you can share information from your business systems with public visitors or with customers, suppliers, and partners through secured web portals. Our experience with transactional business systems and databases provide you with the resources you need to effectively integrate your business ecommerce storefronts for secured, online order entry transactions.
Looking for portal development services? Contact us to ask about our development services or to request more information about our products and services.
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