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“If someone wants an extra-large, short-sleeved red top, we know immediately whether it’s in stock. If it will reach our warehouse three days from now, we can tell customers that, too.”
-GoLite, LLC
Textile & Apparel ERP Software

ERP Software for Textile & Apparel Manufacturing

Apparel has changed significantly over the years. Gone are the days of itchy polyester pants and stiff, ridged materials. Clothing, and business software, are becoming more flexible, comfortable and fitted to a range of sizes and styles. It’s just as important that your software is still ‘in style’ as the apparel you produce.
For this industry, we recommend using Sage 100 or Epicor ERP. With their strong functionalities for accounting, bill of material, advanced product configuration, electronic data management (EDI), bar-coding, inventory management and reporting, these solutions are the clear choice to optimize your apparel and textile business.
ERP for Apparel and Textiles Sage 100 ERP Apparel and Textiles Epicor ERP for Apparel and Textiles
Epicor ERP is traditionally used in larger enterprise organizations, complete with tons of integrated modules to help manage all aspects of your business. Sage 100 is ideal for smaller apparel manufacturers who are graduating from QuickBooks or entry level accounting solutions.
Whichever solution you choose, you know that you are in good hands with e2b teknologies. We’ve implemented ERP solutions for apparel companies just like yours, so you can be assured we understand your needs as well as the right solutions to support your business.

ERP Success for Textile & Apparel Manufacturing

ERP for Apparel Manufacturing
ERP Software for Textile Manufacturing
ERP Software for Apparel and Textiles
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