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Microsoft SharePoint Development Services

e2b provides custom Microsoft SharePoint development and ERP integration. By integrating SharePoint with your ERP system, you’ll be able to:
  • Share documents and files with customers, suppliers, and employees via self-service SharePoint Portals.
  • Provide ERP data to customers, suppliers, and employees using secured, filtered data views.
  • Create SharePoint group records for ERP customers and vendors.
  • Create SharePoint user records for ERP customer or vendor contacts.

Microsoft SharePoint Portals for ERP Data

e2b offers integration tools to create web groups in Microsoft SharePoint for customers and vendors in an ERP database. ERP customer and vendor contacts can then be created as SharePoint users assigned to their respective company groups, which restricts access to data stored in SharePoint.
Customer files such as invoices, statements, quotes, sales orders, and other documents are easily created and filed using Anytime Docs. These PDF files can then be accessed by customers directly from the secured Microsoft SharePoint portal.
Additionally, data from the ERP system can be displayed within SharePoint so that customers can access current information regarding their orders, projects, work orders, or financial account status.
Supplier portals can be created to provide your vendors with instant access to stocking levels for the items they supply. They can also review receipts, vendor returns, demand forecasts, purchase orders, and additional information from your ERP database.
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