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“The implementation of Sage ERP X3 kicks off one of the most important projects for Avon […] to consolidate and centralize our management systems. […] The project will be transformative for our business as we continue to accelerate our footprint worldwide”
-Avon Rubber
Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing ERP

Rubber & Plastics ERP

Companies who fabricate their products from the raw materials of rubber and plastic will assemble, cut, bend, drill and weld these materials into finished goods. These types of rubber and plastic manufacturers often utilize a discrete ERP system such as Epicor ERP or Sage ERP X3. ERP systems such as these can handle the unique needs of rubber and plastic fabrication companies, while also supporting some process manufacturing capabilities for companies that require the mixing and synthesizing of their materials.
While there are business systems that have been designed specifically for rubber and plastics manufacturers, these systems usually offer very weak financial modules and are difficult to integrate to other systems that contain the features needed. This creates a disparity in software systems that makes data difficult to access and act on.
ERP for Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing Epicor ERP for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing Sage ERP X3 for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing
These over-specialized systems have limited third party solutions that add-on to their core product, and are implemented and supported only by the publisher – leaving customers stranded on services when the publisher has limited implementation and training resources available. This is why many manufacturers who work with rubber and plastics refuse to use an industry solution, and instead opt for an ERP system from a reputable publisher that can be easily configured, extended, and contains all the necessary components to fully run their business.
For more information about ERP for rubber and plastics manufacturers, you might want to read our white paper, “10 Considerations for Selecting Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP Software,” “How ERP Solves the Top Challenges of Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers,” “ERP Software Selection Considerations for Plastic & Rubber Products Manufacturers,” the "Epicor for Rubber and Plastics" brochure, or visit our blog for articles on rubber and plastics ERP. You can also watch these video success stories to learn how Alloy Polymers and Avon Rubber use Sage ERP X3 to run their businesses.

CRM for Rubber & Plastics Manufacturing

Many rubber and plastics manufacturers, such as Kaysersberg Plastics, use Sage CRM to handle all of their customer relationship management needs, from organizing marketing campaigns to streamlining the sales process and building quotes for bulk orders. Other rubber and plastics companies utilize SugarCRM, which has the functionality and flexibility to help you manage compliance requirements with projects, tasks, documents, and also help desk capabilities for customer service inquiries.
CRM for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers SugarCRM for Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing Sage CRM for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing
ERP for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing
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