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“With Sage ERP X3, we are retrieving and consolidating information from our various sites instantly, with one click. That is obviously saving us a lot of time, and management has the information it needs to run the company.”
-World Minerals Europe
Oil, Gas & Mining ERP

Oil, Gas & Mining ERP

Companies in the oil, gas and mining industry require a business system that's as flexible and multifaceted as their work. Sage ERP X3 includes specialized features designed for companies in this industry who need an ERP business system to manage their complex financial and reporting requirements, along with modules designed to help them manage every aspect of their business, including demand forecasting; price management; labor, machinery, and capital equipment; production and exploration information; and so much more.
Read the Sage ERP X3 Mining Solutions brochure and find out how global oil, gas and mining companies like World Minerals, Village Main Reef, Mayfox Mining, and others streamline their operations with Sage ERP X3.
ERP for Oil, Gas & Mining Sage ERP X3 for Oil, Gas & Mining Epicor ERP for Oil, Gas & Mining Sage 100 ERP for Oil, Gas & Mining
Epicor ERP may also be a solution to consider for oil, gas and mining companies with their Epicor for Energy solution or specialized Epicor for Mining business software. Companies using Epicor ERP in oil, gas and mining industries include EMDAD, DNO International, Present Group, EL ES DE Engineering, and Lamprell.
A specialized industry solution is available for
petroleum and gas products distributors on the Sage 100 ERP platform as well. Other distributors of minerals and petro-based products should evaluate both Sage ERP X3 and Sage 100 ERP as potential business solutions. To learn more about Sage X3, explore the Sage X3 Virtual Product Tour.

CRM for Oil, Gas & Mining

Relationships are key to oil, gas, and mining industries. The ERP solutions we represent all include embedded CRM so you can manage marketing, customer service, sales, and even product information within the system. You may also want to consider Sage CRM or Sugar CRM which can be tailored easily to meet the unique needs of oil, gas, and mining businesses.
CRM for Oil, Gas & Mining SugarCRM for Oil, Gas & Mining Sage CRM for Oil, Gas & Mining
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