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“Sage Budgeting and Planning allows us to manage the budget using nonfinancial data that represent the factors that drive our business, such as campaign mailing volume, to help us accurately forecast expenses, by project, across multiple departments.”
-Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
Non Profit ERP Software

ERP for Non-Profits, Associations, Membership Clubs, & Government

Managing a non-profit, association, membership club, or government agency is not easy and it’s worse when you’re tied down with an antiquated accounting system or your accounting software lacks the functionality you need to gain insights to act instead of react to your donors, members, or constituents.
There are many accounting systems on the market designed exclusively for not for profit (NFP) and government entities but many offer limited accounting features and others have poor reporting. That’s why many non-profits and associations use popular ERP accounting systems like Sage 100, Sage ERP X3, and Epicor ERP.
ERP for Non-Profits Sage 100 for Non Profit Companies Budgeting and Planning for Non Profit Companies
Each of these products provides flexible general ledgers so you can manage financials with subledgers and coding to get a better picture of your entire organization. Further, each system provides tight integration to CRM to manage member, donor, and constituent relationships including fundraising and communication.

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