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“We were spending about 30 man-days on our year-end inventory check. We’ll never have to do that again, because Sage 100 ERP is lightning fast, even for our quantities of data.”
-Hayden Concrete Products
Concrete Products ERP Software

ERP Software for Stone, Clay, Glass and Non-Metallic Products

In an industry where products are often expensive commodities, and competition is driven mostly by price, manufacturers must rely on efficient and cost effective operations to remain competitive and profitable in a highly concentrated market.
Companies that manufacture glass products, mineral wool, cut stone, clay products, ready-mix concrete, cement products, and other non-metallic mineral products implement ERP systems to improve efficiencies across their organizations. ERP in the non-metallic industry is used for standardizing and accelerating business processes through the use of automation, advanced reporting, and enhanced visibility into financial and operational data. ERP helps you reduce the cost of doing business and eliminates waste in order to deliver competitive prices. High quality products and memorable customer service will set your business apart from others.
ERP for Stone, Clay, Glass and Non-Metallic Products Sage X3 for Non-Metallic Manufacturing Epicor ERP for Non-Metallic Manufacturing Sage 100 ERP for Non-Metallic Manufacturing
The ERP system you choose is based on many factors, including the nature of your materials, the complexity of your finished goods, the size of your company, etc.
For midsized and larger manufacturers of non-metallic products, Epicor ERP is a strong solution geared for those companies who rely on discrete manufacturing operations and are heavily reliant on bills of material, make to order products, and repetitive batches. Sage ERP X3 is a popular choice for those SMBs who require process manufacturing capabilities to produce products that are driven by forecasts and make to stock processes.
Sage 100 is a solid solution for smaller discrete manufacturing companies looking to reach the same level of operational efficiency, but lack the overall business complexity, budget, and IT staff of a larger organization. Click here to learn how Hayden Concrete cast a solid accounting structure with Sage 100 ERP.

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