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“Sage 100 continues to prove itself as an excellent enterprise resource planning solution. We appreciate that Sage continually invests in the product, improving it and adapting it to changing times. We plan to remain with sage 100 for many years to come.”
-St. Joseph Paper and Packaging
Miscellaneous Manufacturing  ERP Software

ERP Software for Miscellaneous Manufacturing

There is software available on the market for every single industry imaginable. Many of the applications we work with have specific features for various industry segments. This is certainly true for niche industries like paper products, leather, printing and publishing, petroleum processing, and miscellaneous manufacturing industries which covers jewelry, toys and games, sporting goods, art supplies, sewing notions, brooms and brushes, signs and advertising, and more.
Paper, leather, and petroleum industries are more closely related to process manufacturing and are typically a better fit for ERP systems like Sage X3 which has specialized functionality for lot tracking, inventory attributes, quality control, and more complex unit of measure conversions.
Other manufacturing industries are more discrete in nature and supported by applications like Sage 100 ERP, Sage X3, or Epicor ERP depending on specific business requirements, complexity, and the unique nature of the manufacturing process.
It can be difficult to determine which system is best for your company. That’s why we spend so much time in the early phases of your evaluation process to understand your needs and how we can resolve them with one of these ERP applications. In some cases we don’t have the right solution and we can refer you to vendors who may have the most appropriate system to solve your short-term and long-term needs.

Pulp, Paper, Cardboard, and Packaging Manufacturing

Businesses engaged in the production of raw paper materials through a milling process face a difficult decision when selecting ERP software – go with industry-specific ERP solutions that often have limited accounting and customization capabilities running on older technology – or implement a general ERP system that has a stronger technology and accounting base but requires modifications to track information and processes specific to the paper and cardboard industry. Companies like Universal Paper & Plastics, St. Joseph Paper & Packaging, use Sage X3 and Sage 100 ERP to run their business.

Petroleum Products Manufacturing

Larger petroleum products manufacturers are likely using SAP or Oracle but what should smaller petroleum processors use when they can’t afford these expensive systems and have no need for the unnecessary complexity of a tier one ERP system? They implement Sage X3 providing the right amount of complexity to manage industry compliance and process manufacturing requirements with an affordable price tag. Distributors of petroleum products may be interested in Sage 100 ERP which is available with a specialized petroleum distribution system complete with cardlock systems, delivery scheduling, and integrated CRM to manage retail customer and supplier relationships.

Printing & Publishing

Commercial printers, lithographers, digital printing, and book publishing firms have very specific needs for creating, organizing, and managing production jobs that few ERP systems can manage. However, there are only a limited number of industry-specific products available on the market and most are developed in older technologies with basic accounting and integration features. Many companies in this industry run their business on popular accounting software like Sage 100 ERP with integration to specific line of business applications for job estimating and production management. Others may be a fit for job shop software like JobOps for Sage 100 ERP or Epicor ERP which typically meets the majority of their core business needs.

Miscellaneous Manufacturing

Some companies just don’t fit neatly into a category but fortunately they fit just fine into one of the three ERP systems we work with every day. It doesn’t matter if you make sewing notions, brushes and brooms, sporting goods, toys and games, jewelry, signs and advertising, or other products – you can rest assured that your business will be in control and your finances and inventory in order with Sage 100 ERP, Sage X3, or Epicor ERP. We’ve worked with a number of small and large businesses across these industries helping them to manage costs for precious metals with extra support for EDI orders during your busy season. We’ve also helped sign manufacturers to capture costs for co-products produced from a single work order and we’ve worked with manufacturers of industrial brushes, candles, and other unique and specialized industries. Join customers like Smart Inventions, Orpheus Music, Benson Box, and Walton Sign who’ve taken their business to the next level with a modern ERP business system.

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