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“As products move through our system, we have real-time insight into our production that we did not have before. Access to this information allows us to make informed purchasing and production decisions, and it enables customer service staff to provide up-to-the-minute information in response to customer inquiries.”
-Allied Metals Corporation
Primary Metal Manufacturing ERP

Primary Metals ERP

There are very few great software products available for manufacturers of primary metals. Most systems available were designed decades ago with little development to keep up with modern day technologies.
Sage ERP X3 is our primary ERP solution for Primary Metals, offering a unique combination of process and discrete manufacturing capabilities built on modern-day technologies to manage lot attributes, such as certificates of analysis and heat numbers, along with strong inventory and material planning capabilities. That’s why Sage ERP X3 has had so much success in this industry, supporting companies such as Allied Metals Corporation, Macdonald Steel, Clotan Steel, Steelcraft, and other progressive metal products manufacturers and processors. Other primary metals companies like Ermak Foundry utilize Sage 100 ERP to manage their business.
ERP for Metal Manufacturing Sage ERP X3 for Primary Metal Manufacturing Epicor ERP for Primary Metal Manufacturing Sage 100 ERP for Primary Metal Manufacturing
Epicor ERP is also a popular solution for primary metals and metal service centers and should be considered alongside Sage ERP X3 as a solid replacement product for any company in these industries. The right solution for your primary metals or metal service center business will depend greatly on your specific business needs, including financial reporting, inventory and
materials management, and of course the manufacturing process itself. Other companies use Sage 100 ERP, which is adequate for many smaller businesses in the primary metal industry.
You may want to watch the "Sage ERP X3 for Manufacturers" video or read the "Expert Guide to ERP-Based Automated Workflows in Manufacturing" white paper from Sage ERP X3 to learn more about our ERP business solutions for primary metals manufacturers and steel service centers. To learn more about Sage X3, explore the Sage X3 Virtual Product Tour.

CRM for Primary Metals Manufacturing

Sage ERP X3 provides a direct integration to Sage CRM to help primary metals and metal processing companies to manage all aspects of their business relationships. Or, many primary metals companies and metal service centers such as Hub Le Bas utilize SugarCRM which offers flexibility for managing leads, sales opportunities, marketing automation, project management, and customer support.
CRM for Primary Metal Manufacturing SugarCRM for Primary Metal Manufacturing Sage CRM for Primary Metal Manufacturing
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