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“Sage 100 ERP alerts us to avoid double shipments. A single order can run $15,000, and freight charges are considerable, so this one customization saves thousands of dollars.”
ERP Software for Lumber and Wood

Lumber & Wood Products ERP Software

Lumber and wood products manufacturers need a solid ERP system to manage every aspect of their business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a logging company, you operate a sawmill, produce millwork, make cabinets, manufacturer wooden crates and containers, construct wooden doors or windows, or you manufacture mobile homes or prefabricated wooden structures – your ERP system must adapt to the unique needs of your industry.
We represent three highly-adaptable ERP systems popular with wood products manufacturers. These include Sage 100 for smaller companies coming off entry-level systems like QuickBooks. JobOps is a popular addition to Sage 100 providing custom, make to order and field service capabilities common among wood products businesses.
Epicor ERP and Sage ERP X3 are both options for larger wood and lumber products manufacturers offering flexibility in the inventory systems to track lot attributes such as lumber grade, complex product configurations, and inventory tracking for items available in different dimensions or characteristics.
Some companies in this industry are best served by very specific business applications but many can use more common ERP systems. Contact us for a free analysis and if we don’t have the right solution for you – we’ll refer you to a few of our friends who specialize in niche lumber and wood products industries.
Lumber and Wood ERP Software Sage 100 for Lumber and Wood Manufacturers Job Software for Lumber and Wood Manufacturers Sage X3 for Lumber and Wood Manufacturers Epicor ERP for Lumber and Wood Manufacturers

Lumber & Wood Products ERP Success

ERP for Lumber Product Manufacturing
ERP for Wood Product Manufacturing
Lumber and Wood ERP
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