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“We selected Sage ERP X3 because it was the broadest, most inclusive solution that supported our international requirements. It meets the vast majority of our needs out of the box, and it lends itself to customization, giving us the unique functionality we need.”
-Boiron USA
Life Science Products ERP

Life Sciences and
Biotechnology ERP

Life Science companies engaged in the formulation and production of pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, and other medicinal products have few choices when it comes to quality ERP business systems. Life science companies require systems designed for their unique needs. They need capabilities to manage:
  • Cradle-to-grave lot tracking
  • Potency and formula management
  • Electronic signatures and transactional audit traceability
  • Quality control for FDA and other compliance reporting
  • Sophisticated pricing and contract management
ERP for Life Sciences Sage ERP X3 for Biotech Manufacturing Epicor ERP for Biotech Manufacturing Sage 100 ERP for Biotech Manufacturing
Sage ERP X3 is our primary solution for life science manufacturers because of its deep process-oriented capabilities. Some companies in this industry that are more discrete in nature may choose Epicor ERP while life science product distributors like BetaChem may evaluate both Sage 100 ERP and Sage ERP X3 as potential solutions.
Watch the Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing video to learn how companies like Boiron USA, Shire Pharmaceuticals, and others utilize Sage ERP X3 for Pharmaceuticals to manage every aspect of their business from research and development through accounting, inventory management and distribution, customer relationships, and manufacturing providing the reports and systems they need to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Bioterrorism Act, and other requirements for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical processes. To learn more about Sage X3, explore the Sage X3 Virtual Product Tour.

CRM for Life Sciences

CRM is critical for life science companies, providing an integrated solution to help them manage prospective and active customers. CRM can also be utilized for managing contracts, documents, and targeted marketing campaigns for both customers and suppliers. Sage ERP X3 and Epicor ERP both offer embedded CRM capabilities while other life science companies rely on Sage CRM or SugarCRM, integrated to their ERP solution.
CRM for Biotechnology Manufacturing SugarCRM for Life Science Manufacturing Sage CRM for Life Science Manufacturing
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