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“Before we had to tally employees' time on a spreadsheet to determine our labor costs for a job. Now we have up-to-the-minute labor costs for any job or any employee, anytime we need it.”
-Bookkeeper at Steel-Fab
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JobOps Manufacturing Software for Sage 100 ERP

JobOps for Sage 100 ERP
JobOps for Sage 100 provides true job shop manufacturing and field service functionality on top of Sage’s award-winning Sage 100 ERP platform. Unlike other systems, JobOps is written within the Sage 100 software development kit so it looks, feels, and behaves like any other Sage 100 module. Designed specifically for discrete make-to-order manufacturers, JobOps may also be a fit for some make to stock and process manufacturing businesses.
With over 18 years of experience and hundreds of customers across the United States, JobOps has a proven track record in meeting the unique needs of organizations that demand on-time delivery and job profitability.

JobOps Base

JobOps Base
The JobOps base module provides everything you need to manage jobs including work tickets, cost estimates, purchasing and labor planning, manufacturing costing, bills of material, routers, outside service management, and integration to critical parts of Sage 100 including purchase orders, sales orders, inventory, and financial modules such as general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Additional modules are available to extend the system even further with advanced production scheduling, field service, product configuration, time entry, and more.

Enhanced Scheduling

JobOps Enhanced Scheduling
JobOps Enhanced Scheduling provides advanced features and flexibility for scheduling jobs and managing finite and infinite resource constraints. The powerful scheduling engine establishes a priority used to allocate jobs to available work centers, machines, labor, and other resources. Scheduling can be generated forward from the current date or backward from the required date. Scheduling also provides insight into resource constraints so you understand where you need to schedule overtime or move a scheduled job to another resource. Integrated material planning shows when required materials aren’t available to complete the scheduled job. Enhanced scheduling features an intuitive drag-and-drop schedule board for manual adjustments and exception reports so you can stay on top of critical constraints that require your immediate attention. Built-in capable to promise (CTP) functionality helps customer service to determine realistic promise dates for customers during the estimating, quoting, or sales order process.

Field Service & Dispatch

JobOps Field Service & Dispatch
Field Service is a great add-on to JobOps for manufacturers who need to maintain internal machines, facilities, or other capital assets. Manage maintenance schedules and deploy technicians to ensure that your expensive capital equipment is running at optimum levels. Businesses providing installation and on-site services can use Field Service & Dispatch to manage every aspect of their service operations including service orders, quotes, technician dispatch (with technician dashboards and mobile solutions), invoicing, service cost analysis, contract pricing, and more.

Product Configurator

JobOps Product Configurator
If you make products that have lots of combinations of options then you need the JobOps Product Configurator. The graphical wizard guides you through the process of creating custom manufactured products with a custom bill of material, manufacturing cost, and new item price – even if you’ve never made it before. You can also limit available values based on combinations of other options or values selected. Smart part numbers are created for each new configuration based on critical options and values selected for the new item.

Time Tracker

JobOps Time Tracker
Time Tracker lets your workers report on what they did, what materials they used, and see what they need to do next. It’s like a mini manufacturing execution system (MES) for complete shop floor control. Actual labor costs (including overtime) and material costs are available immediately for management analysis and review of completed and in-process jobs.

Purchase Agent

JobOps Purchase Agent
Analyze orders, minimum stocking level requirements, and current supply and demand to understand projected inventory demands. Designed for wholesale distributors and manufacturers, Purchase Agent makes it easy for buyers to review, edit, and act on inventory shortages. Further, Purchase Agent generates Purchase Orders within Sage 100 closing the loop on the financial transactions allowing you to receive the product into inventory for use in your manufacturing work tickets in the JobOps Base module.

Data Collector

JobOps Data Collector
It doesn’t matter how you collect shop floor data – in spreadsheets or other manufacturing execution systems – Data Collector quickly and accurately validates and imports both parts and labor transactions into JobOps making it easy to get data into the system. Data Collector works in tandem with popular bar coding solutions such as JoScan available from JobOps for automated shop floor data collection. Scanned data is validated with a quality control module to capture shop floor information back to the work ticket, part, and employee. Live data collection shows who’s working on jobs in real time while reducing manual data entry transactions.
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