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“There’s no more redundant data entry. We are capturing, tracking, and maintaining all employee lifecycle data from a single point of entry.”
-Mary Ellen Hammond
DavCo Restaurants, LLC
Human Resource Management

The Case for Human Resource Software

Human Resource Management Software
People are the most crucial asset for any business, but they're also very costly.
Did you know that the average cost of human resource management is about $1900 per employee each year? So if you have 100 employees, you’re averaging $190,000 each year in HR services if not more. But you can’t just get rid of employee benefits and cut down salaries if you want to recruit and retain top talent, so what can you do? They key to success is maximizing the value of your workforce while minimizing the amount of time and money you spend managing it.
Your Human Resources department can help you do this, but they need more time to focus on strategic activities. In fact, research from the Society for Human Resource Management found that 60% - 80% of an HR employee’s time is tied to repetitive administrative tasks, answering questions, and manually gathering information for reports, instead of focusing on more important tasks such as managing compliance regulations or processing payroll.
Human Capital Management Software (HCM) can help your HR department get out from under mountains of paperwork and time consuming daily administrative tasks, giving them back the time they need to reduce the risk of liability, decrease HR overhead, and maximize employee ROI.

HR Software Benefits

The value of HCM software in an organization is its ability to drive down costs, maximize productivity, and optimize the effectiveness of employees. For example, HR automation allows staff to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative work by 40-50%.
HR Software
Here are a few of the other benefits of automating human resource activities:
  • Ease the burden of compliance
  • Break the limitations of your small staff
  • Improve Data Security
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Reduce costly employee turnover
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Faster, more accurate reporting
  • And much more


People are the most crucial asset for any business, but they're also very costly.
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