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“We have managed projects including external furniture and a large run of fabric tensile canopies. Functionality is key for us. We needed an ERP solution that has the ability to deal with all the information and variations we have, allowing us to continue growth.”
-Broxap (Epicor ERP Customer)
Furniture ERP Software

ERP Software for Furniture and Fixture Manufacturing

With volatile raw material costs, customer demand for lower prices and configurable options, changing trends, growing competition, and so many other moving pieces, furniture and fixture manufacturers are up against significant challenges. Whether you manufacture furniture and fixtures for homes, offices, schools, airports, medical offices, or any other environment, a carefully selected ERP system can provide the solid foundation you need to remain agile, increase profits, and turn those challenges into opportunities.
For companies who operate a low volume engineer-to-order operation, high volume repetitive manufacturing processes, or a mixture of both, Epicor ERP and Sage 100 ERP are both equipped to provide the automation and insight necessary to help you run a leaner, more profitable business.
ERP for the Furniture & Fixtures Sage 100 ERP for Furniture Manufacturing Epicor ERP for Furniture Manufacturing

Designed for larger manufacturing companies, Epicor ERP is a robust end-to-end solution positioned to help furniture and fixture manufacturers stay on top of new market opportunities, manage growth, increase efficiencies, lower lead times, and reduce manufacturing costs for your business.
Smaller organizations looking to move from basic accounting systems like QuickBooks and into a solution with both accounting and manufacturing functionality often choose Sage 100 ERP. Pared down to meet the budget and technical needs of a smaller business, Sage 100 offers many of the same benefits and features found in larger systems without the added complexity. JobOps is a popular addition to Sage 100, extending the system to provide manufacturers with the tools, flexibility, data capture, and analytics they need to manage jobs from estimate through to completion. Read about Craftique to learn how Sage 100 might be an option for your business.

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ERP Software for Fixture Manufacturing
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