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Epicor Customization and Epicor
Integration for Epicor ERP

e2b provides Epicor customization and integration for your Epicor ERP system. Our Epicor consultants have years of experience working on customization and integrations for clients in a variety of industries. e2b can help your customized Epicor ERP integrate data from various software applications, custom databases, and other sources to provide information across your organization and externally to customers, distributors, and suppliers.
e2b has worked with companies to integrate their Epicor ERP systems, and share internal data such as project information, inventory stocking levels, and account information with customers and vendors through secured web-based portals.
Epicor ERP is designed to support your company’s various business processes with one comprehensive solution. Epicor ERP is scalable, modular, and has rich feature sets, which allow it to sustain your company’s growth with rapid implementation and easy expansion no matter the size and complexity of your business.
Epicor ERP Customization
As a multidimensional solution, Epicor ERP is uniquely positioned to manage the requirements of multiple industries, including Manufacturing and Distribution for Industrial Machinery, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Medical Device, Electronicsand Electrical Equipment, Fabricated Metals, Furniture and Fixtures, Rubber and Plastics, Job Shops, and more. Contact us to learn more about our Epicor customizations.
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