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"We’ve been able to hit within 1 to 2 percent of budget estimates on standard equipment with our cost database in Epicor. We also finally have a good schedule in the shop, and know when raw materials will be needed."
-VMI Group
Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP Overview

Epicor ERP (formerly Epicor 9, Vantage), is an extremely powerful, global ERP business system designed for sophisticated businesses.
Epicor ERP has a rich heritage as the leading ERP software for discrete manufacturers engaged in many diverse industries including aerospace and defense, automotive supply chains, capital equipment, medical device, and much more. However, Epicor ERP has evolved significantly and is now a leading solution for companies in other industry segments including healthcare and senior living; mining, oil, and gas; and general accounting.
Rock-solid from top to bottom, Epicor ERP includes everything you need to manage your business including embedded CRM, eCommerce, EDI, project management, service management, preventative maintenance, and so much more. e2b also develops a powerful accounts receivable module specifically for Epicor, Epicor Cash Collect. Epicor ERP is used by thousands of national and international companies such as Getman Corporation, Express Packaging, Cignys, and Milco to name just a few.
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