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“Over time, the core capabilities of the Epicor solution have grown right along with our needs.”
Electronics Manufacturing ERP

High Technology &
Electronics ERP

Moore's Law postulates that advancements and developments to computing power are growing exponentially, doubling every two years - and for over 40 years, this law has held up fairly well. That's why manufacturers of electronics and high-technology products need software that can keep them at the forefront of a rapidly changing technological landscape.
The electronics and high-tech industry is perhaps the most dynamic. When considering an ERP solution, you have to keep in mind, not only what features will best suite your needs, but what is most scalable, and what will continue to fit your needs in years to come.
ERP for High Technology Manufacturing Epicor ERP for Electronics Manufacturing Sage ERP X3 for Electronics Manufacturing Sage 100 ERP for Electronics Manufacturing
High tech businesses must manage product design with CAD integration to their ERP business system. They need integrated Product Lifecycle Management from research and development through to production and engineering revision control with engineering change orders or engineering change notifications. And they need it all within a comprehensive solution built on a
modern technology platform, with strong accounting and inventory management capabilities.
Find out how leading high tech and electronics companies like Energizer Holdings, Hansatech EMS, Symetrics Industries, Micro Dynamics, Major Tech, iS5 Communications, Data Cable Corporation, Monarch Computer Systems, and Digital Signal Corporation manage their businesses with ERP solutions from Epicor and Sage Software.
Epicor ERP is one of our strongest ERP solutions for high technology businesses. Still, many high tech companies select Sage 100 ERP or Sage ERP X3 based on their unique business requirements. We suggest that high technology businesses review the Creating the Agile High Tech Enterprise white paper by Epicor and the Epicor for Electronics Industry brochure.

CRM for High Technology, Electronics,
and Electrical

Epicor ERP’s CRM system provides a holistic approach to managing your customer and vendor relationships. High tech businesses often choose SugarCRM which may provide additional features for managing marketing campaigns, lead and opportunity management, and much more.
CRM for High Technology Manufacturing Epicor CRM for Electronics Manufacturing SugarCRM for Electronics Manufacturing
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