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The Case for Enterprise Content
Management Software

There are horrible inefficiencies in document management for most businesses – especially in companies that utilize disconnected systems for various departments within their company. These inefficiencies are silently costing businesses about $1,250 per employee annually wasting about 150 hours annually per employee for time spent searching for and managing paper documents. Let’s put that into perspective – if you have 100 employees you’re spending over $100,000 annually and losing the equivalent of 7 full-time employees’ time each year.
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Conservative estimates show that each employee consumes about 10,000 sheets of paper annually. On average, most businesses spend about $20 to file each document, $120 searching for misfiled documents, $250 recreating lost documents, with total costs of approximately $25,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet plus $2,000 annually to maintain it! Document Management software ensures that you have a centralized system for managing all inbound and outbound documents available for employee to find what they need fast with the security you demand to manage confidential information. Further, ECM software can be leveraged to share information with external customers and vendors with built-in workflow to distribute documents for approval.

Document Management Software Benefits

Implementing an integrated enterprise content management (ECM) or document management business system can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of lost productivity with 77% of companies identifying a tangible ROI in the first 18 months. Most businesses don’t use ECM to its full potential today because they don’t understand their manual business processes and they don’t realize what’s possible with a modern-day ECM business solution.
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Document Management Testimonials

The video below highlights just two of the many companies that have experience tremendous efficiencies and cost savings by implementing enterprise content management business solutions.
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Featured ECM Software Case Studies
ECM Document Management Software ERP Comparison
There are many great applications available for enterprise content management and document management. We recommend Sage Document Management and Epicor Advanced Print Management ECM software, both developed by ECM software leader Altec, Inc. Other document management software is available depending on your specific business needs, budget, and objectives.
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Anytime Docs
Epicor APM
Microsoft SharePoint
Paperless Office
Sage ERP Document Management
Sage EDM
Embedded ERP Document Management
All of the ERP software we represent includes embedded integration with the Microsoft Office productivity suite including Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. These embedded document management solutions include:
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