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"Our Epicor system brings together information from all aspects of our business to provide ‘one version of the truth,’ via one set of data."
-Symetrics Industries
Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Discrete manufacturers assemble, fabricate, mold, bend, cut, extrude, and machine wood, plastic, and metal, producing a wide variety of products. Discrete manufacturers make automotive parts; machinery and capital equipment; furniture and fixtures; electrical products and high tech consumer electronics; fabricated and stamped metal products; medical devices and instruments; aerospace and defense products; and a myriad of molded or fabricated plastic and rubber products.
Manufacturing requirements are specialized depending on the nature of the materials used in production, the complexity of the product, and other factors. Many discrete manufacturers, such as job shops, specialize in make to order (MTO) products where estimating and custom bills of material are common. MTO-driven companies are best-suited with Epicor ERP or Sage 100 ERP. Companies engaged in standard product production driven by forecasts who make to stock can choose between Epicor ERP, Sage ERP X3, Sage 100 ERP, or Sage 500 ERP. Manufacturers of complex equipment who engineer to order (ETO) or configure to order (CTO) will typically select Epicor ERP but may also consider Sage 100 ERP or Sage 500 ERP.
ERP for Discrete Manufacturing Epicor ERP for Discrete Manufacturing Sage ERP X3 for Discrete Manufacturing Sage 100 ERP for Discrete Manufacturing
We can help you select the right solution to meet your specific business needs. We developed an ERP Evaluation Template and our 2014 ERP Software Landscape White Paper to help you understand which products may be the best fit for your particular industry and manufacturing requirements.

CRM for Discrete Manufacturing

All of our ERP systems include either embedded or integrated CRM, and any businesses can leverage the power of SugarCRM or Sage CRM which can be used stand-alone or integrated to these (and other) discrete ERP accounting systems. CRM is a vital tool, adaptable for managing all aspects of your prospect and customer relationships, including not only marketing and sales – but extended to include service, projects, contracts, vendor relationships, quality control and compliance, and much, much more.
ERP for Process Manufacturing SugarCRM for Discrete Manufacturing Sage CRM for Discrete Manufacturing
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