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Custom Reports

Custom Reports & Business Intelligence Dashboards

Businesses run on data. That's why clear, relevant reports and dashboards are the backbone of any business. Often, businesses rely on Excel spreadsheets too much, because they think it’s simple to get data for analysis and reporting; which in many cases it is. However, there are two fatal flaws to using Excel for business reporting:

Static & Out-Of-Date Data:

Are your business reports only as good as the last time you exported data from your business system to your spreadsheet? Your business reports needs to be current, reflect your business in real-time, and comprise a full view of your operations.

Isolated Reports:

Can key employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, or business partners access reports? If you're using Excel, reports probably have to be shared manually. Manual report sharing is a big problem when multiple people need to access your data and track revisions.

Custom Reporting & Business Intelligence Services

Gone are the days of needing a report writer or a spreadsheet application to analyze data. e2b can help you present data from any database or system to anyone, anywhere, through a secured web portal where you can analyze the information you need to make decisions that impact your business.
Data can be mined from multiple databases and displayed in summary for key performance indicators (KPI) management reporting, or in detail for departmental users.
Contact us to learn more about our custom reports and business intelligence solutions. Let us know your specific reporting needs, and we'll make sure you're fitted with the right solution.
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