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Custom Inventory Software & Asset Tracking

Companies often utilize custom spreadsheets to keep track of assets and non-stock inventory. Spreadsheets might work for the short-term, but eventually you will outgrow them. For instance, you will have to share your data with multiple people in your organization, or you will need to implement a process or workflow around your inventory tracking, and spreadsheets just can't handle it.
e2b has developed several custom asset management databases and custom inventory systems to help companies keep tabs on their items, parts, and other assets. We also develop the cloud asset tracking application, Anytime Assets, to help companies track any asset in their organization whether it's equipment, tools, gauges, people, IT assets, office equipment, vehicles and more. Read the brochure to the right.

Customer Success with Custom Inventory Solution

A large beer distributor needed a way to track promotional marketing assets on loan at customer locations. The company has millions of dollars of promotional assets such as beer signs, displays, and other items on loan to bars and restaurants to promote sales of their products.
Keeping tabs on these assets was next to impossible since the company’s remote sales team needed a way to identify which asset was on loan by location. An on-premise database or custom spreadsheet just wasn’t the right answer.
e2b developed an online asset management solution. The application was developed in cloud software technology which is available for all remote sales people to access and use. The database is hosted on Microsoft SQL Azure on Microsoft’s cloud. Now the company can assign asset numbers and quickly run reports to identify which customers have their promotional marketing assets.

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