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Custom Data Services: Cleansing, Migration and Integration

Custom Data Services
Your custom business databases are important to you. They contain vital information that you need to manage your business. e2b helps companies manage their custom business databases effectively. Also, we can put your data into the cloud, making it accessible by your employees, vendors and partners.

Data Cleansing

We can help you clean-up data from virtually any data source to ensure that the data contains valid information that is meaningful to your organization. Data cleansing may include restructuring of the data or merging data from multiple data sources.

Data Migration

Need help getting data out of an old system and moving it into a new business application? e2b will help you extract data from any database. Our consultants can also assist with data imports to new databases or business software applications.

Data Integration

Why do you collect data if it’s isolated to a single application or available only to specific departments or users? e2b will help you integrate data from various software applications, custom databases, and other sources, to provide information across your organization and externally to customers, distributors, and suppliers. We’ve worked with companies to integrate warehouse management systems (WMS) with their enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems, and we’ve helped companies share internal data such as project information, inventory stocking levels, and account information with customers and vendors through secured web-based portals.
Looking for custom data services not mentioned here? Contact us to ask about additional database services or to request more information about our products and services.
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