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“We now have better control of our inventory, so we know what’s needed and what’s currently available. Epicor moved us away from constrained scheduling methods and towards a robust forecasting and scheduling process that suite both day-to-day and long-range business needs.”
Equipment Manufacturing ERP

Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing and assembling complex equipment and machinery is no easy task, and it seems like very few ERP systems handle it well. Fortunately there’s Epicor ERP, which has everything you need to manage complex bills of material, including a powerful product configurator to build new finished goods based on various options and values.
Epicor ERP has robust product lifecycle management to manage every phase of production, from research and development with integration to your CAD system, to product revision tracking with engineering change notifications (ECN). Epicor is the clear choice for capital equipment manufacturers.
ERP Capital Equipment Manufacturing Epicor ERP for Equipment Manufacturing Sage ERP X3 for Equipment Manufacturing
You may be interested in Epicor's white papers, Simplifying the Making of Complex Products and How Modern Enterprise Software Enables Industrial Machinery and Component Manufacturers to Fully Implement Lean Manufacturing, as well as the Epicor for Industrial Machinery brochure. Or, read this case study to find out how Howe Corporation uses Epicor for Capital Equipment.

CRM for Capital Equipment Manufacturing

Capital equipment and machinery manufacturers rely on the embedded CRM within Epicor ERP to manage contacts, sales opportunities, and service contracts. They can configure custom products for quotes and sales orders, with full visibility into the bill of materials, since the CRM features are embedded in the core ERP system.
Other capital equipment companies utilize SugarCRM, which has everything you need to manage customers, prospects, leads, sales opportunities, and even light project management for installation and repair services.
CRM for Capital Equipment Manufacturing Epicor CRM for Automotive Manufacturing SugarCRM for Automotive Manufacturing
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