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Business Website Development
Gone are the days when your website was simply a place for people to get information about your products, services, or contact information. Today’s website is the face to customers, prospects, and business partners. Your website needs to be simple, informative, and relevant to your market. And, if your website also acts as your eCommerce storefront, you need it to be attractive and easy to navigate in order to drive sales.
There are millions of graphic designers and web developers available if all you want is a pretty website. Our business website development looks pretty too, but we can also deliver so much more. We specilize in custom website development, which, if needed, can be extended with our custom eCommerce platform, Anytime Commerce.
e2b focuses on your goals and objectives for your website:
  • Do you want to sell more to existing customers?
  • Do you want to attract new customers?
  • Do you need to support your distributors or brokers?
  • What products or services do your want to showcase?
Your website is a vital tool for supporting your customer service, marketing, sales, and supply chain management goals and objectives. We work with companies to define their internet marketing objectives by carefully analyzing their target markets, website user needs, and how to effectively organize and share information via your website.
Our extensive ERP background ensures that your website and your back office ERP accounting software is connected, so you can share information from your business systems with public visitors or with customers, suppliers, and partners through secured web portals. Our experience with transactional business systems and databases provide you with the resources you need to effectively integrate your business eCommerce storefronts for secured, online order entry transactions.
Looking for web development services not mentioned here? Contact us to ask about additional website development services or to request more information about our products and services.
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