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Business Technology Consulting

Ask a bricklayer to build you a house, and you’ll get a house made out of bricks. Ask a carpenter to build you a house, and you’ll get a house made out of wood. Ask e2b to build you a house, and we’ll ask why you want a new house, what you plan to do in your house, and what type of house you want. If you're looking for business technology consulting, e2b offers the knowledge, tools and experience to help you build your business software on a rock-solid foundation.
Too many software developers and technology consultants assume that the only way to fix a problem is to develop a custom business application or to replace a company’s systems with new technologies. What about the underlying technology? Are they only developing the software using the technology platforms they know, regardless of whether those technologies support your long-term needs?

Solution Consultant Services You Can Count On

Sometimes you don’t need a new system, and you may not need to develop custom business software. Instead, you may be able to reimplement your existing systems to meet your business objectives; or maybe integrating a readily-available packaged or on-demand software application will resolve your needs. Sometimes a few small changes to your business process can completely eliminate the need for a new system altogether.
Our business analysts, project managers, and technology consultants work with your team to define the problem, to scope out potential solutions, and to implement and deploy the appropriate business solutions for your company.
Looking for business technology consulting services? Contact us to ask about our consulting services or to request more information about our products and services.
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