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Business Software Development
Sometimes shrink-wrapped software just doesn’t meet your needs. You may have a special customer or vendor requirement, or maybe you’re in a niche industry with few technology options. That's why you need to harness a custom software application to improve your business.
e2b is more than just a business software developer. We work with you to understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and if it makes sense, we address your needs by developing custom business software to satisfy them. Your custom business software will be designed and approved before we ever start developing the custom application.
We are able to provide you with custom business software that is available to anyone inside or outside of your organization, and it can operate stand-alone or can be integrated with your other critical business applications.
Example Business Applications:
  • Test Equipment Portal - Online database of meters, gauges, and test equipment for a local calibration services company. Leveraged Microsoft .NET to provide a secure portal for customers to track assets and to access documents such as calibration certificates.
  • WMS Middleware - A large personal computer distributor needed a more sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS) than the one available for their core ERP business software. e2b developed middleware software to integrate a tier one WMS application with the existing ERP system to manage inbound, outbound, and internal stock movement.
  • Rental Software - A large rental company contracted a company to develop a custom rental system that would seamlessly integrate with their accounting software. The company failed to deliver a solution that was functional. e2b picked up the product development, fixed hundreds of bugs and design issues, and successfully implemented the custom rental software which is now the core of the company’s business.
  • Custom Software Upgrade - A large metal broker had a custom system developed by another company. The company changed its business and discontinued custom software development services. Over time the software and the underlying technologies become dated limiting the company’s ability to serve its ever-changing customer and supplier base. e2b upgraded the company’s software and added additional features to ensure that the system would be able to adapt to future technologies and business needs.
Looking for services not mentioned on this list? Contact us to ask about additional business software development services or to request more information about a service above.
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