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“The thing I like best is that e2b knows manufacturing and they understand how to make the technology work for a company like ours. Their solutions really work for us - they’re not overly complex."
Sage 500 ERP add ons

Anytime 500 Supply Chain Solutions for Sage 500 ERP

We trace our roots back to Haitek Solutions, the company that originally wrote the eight manufacturing modules that are part of Sage 500 ERP today. We still employ the same people who designed, coded and implemented the first versions of the software. Through the years we’ve worked with literally hundreds of Sage 500 ERP customers and partners to extend Sage 500 ERP with new capabilities.
Below are standard products that we develop and support. All of these solutions are built in the Sage 500 ERP software development kit and are designed to work seamlessly with your Sage 500 ERP. The synthesis of Anytime 500 and Sage 500 ERP makes it easier than ever to manage inventory, plan material requirements, improve manufacturing processes, and get the information you need to succeed. Check out our Sage 500 ERP Owners' Manual, which provides a history of Sage 500 ERP along with recommended third party solutions for your Sage 500 system.
Distribution Suite Manufacturing Suite
Enhanced MRP/DRP PDF Video Engineering Change Orders (ECO) PDF Video
Sales Forecasting/MPS PDF Video Batch Process Production Entry PDF Video
Kanban Replenishment PDF Video Enhanced Labor Entry PDF Video
Cost Modeling PDF Video Enhanced Costing PDF Video
Quality Management PDF Video Routing Step Copy PDF Video
Enhanced Inventory/Lots PDF Video Sub Work Orders PDF Video
Document Control PDF Video Work Order Splitting PDF Video
Forecast Modeling PDF Video Work Order Allocations PDF Video
We provide additional e2b anytime brand products for Sage 500 ERP. Check out Anytime Supply Chain forecasting and material planning, Anytime Commerce shopping cart software, and Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software.
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